Feed Your Spirit

Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.
…..George Bernard Shaw

We must have food to sustain life.  If we don’t exercise our muscles will atrophy.  To expand our thoughts we must educate our minds. Right?  But what about our Spirit?  How do we feed our spirit?  Some might be inclined to say, “Oh that’s easy, just go to church.” And while I somewhat agree with the premise that is not always the outcome.

Others may say, meditate,  do yoga or find your passion. All notable endeavors but to truly FEED YOUR SPIRIT you must be willing to give of yourself. And that giving of ourselves is where we find love.  We look at the world today and there seems to be a real deficit of love for one other.  We seem to operate in fear and not love.  Love?  What is that?  Real Love does not exist in the minds of some people.  We throw the word “LOVE” around so casually it seems trite, contrived. But REAL LOVE has power.


This is the Hebrew word for Love.


…The root word of ahava is “ahav.”  The term ahav in Hebrew means, “to give.”  True ahava, true love, is more concerned about giving than receiving.  Being the center of someone’s attention isn’t love.  And love isn’t about getting some feeling or fix.  Ahava is about giving devotion and time.  Giving is the vehicle of love.

Daniel Rendelman

The feeding of your spirit is not intractably tied to a location, an institution or even the person in the pulpit.  Your spirit in intangible but it is the most real thing about you. It is the most real thing about you because love in this sense  is an action and not an emotion.

We can create a better world if we can simply create a better us.

Ponder these words and consider how you can give love to someone else

Our humanity depends upon the actions of our love.

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